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A gastronomic experience signed by Chef Alex Cătănoiu.
Culinary sophistication and local ingredients

Discover the Cuisine Royale Restaurant menu

Culinary dishes that reinterpret in their own note recipes of local cuisine and, at the same time, capture the tastes of Mediterranean cuisine. Carefully selected ingredients from selected suppliers, in a menu signed by Chef Alex Cătănoiu, for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Starters and Soups

Starters and Soups

Duck Salad
25 RON

Duckbreast, mix salad, red onion, celery, redradishs, soysauce, garlic, honney

Nicoise salad with salmon
31 RON

Salmon, green peas. red onion, cherry toamatoes, egg, olives, parseley, vinegar, mustard, olive oil

Oriental salad
23 RON

Potatoes, green peas . onion, olives, egg, parsley, olive oil, vinegar

Camembert pane salad
25 RON

Camembert, salad, jam, lemons, olive oil, breadcrutons, panko

Beef tartar
33 RON

Beef tenderlion, pickeld cucumbers, egg, spring onion, radish, soy sauce, mayonesse, wasabi

Mushrooms soup witht ruffles
14 RON

Mushrooms, garlic, onion, olive oil, truffles salsa

Chicken soup with home made noodles
14 RON

Chicken breast, onion, celery, carrots, parsley, egg

Main Courses

Main Courses

Salmon with mashed celey, green peas and chorizo
48 RON

Salmon, celery,greenpeas , mix salad , butter, sour cream

Black Angus beef burger
29 RON

Burger, beef, tomatoes, pickeld cucumbers, redonion, salad, patatoes, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard

Chicken breast in sesame crust
33 RON

Chicken breast, grean beans , redonion , milk , butter, sesame oil

37 RON

Porkchop, tomatoes, redonion, parsley, garlic, olive oil

Carbonara Pasta
25 RON

Home made pasta, (egg, flower), pancetta, ham, parsley, parmigiano, garlic, egg, olive oil

Beef tenderlion Pasta
29 RON

Home made pasta, beef tenderlion, red bell peper, spring onion, mashrooms, soya sauce, beef stock, butter, garlic

AOP Pasta
23 RON

Home made pata (egg, flower), peperoncino, parsley, garlic, olive oil , egg

Truffles salsa risotto
27 RON

Rice,trufle sauce, butter, white wine

Beef tenderlion, mushrooms puree, douphinoise and coffee sauce
60 RON

Beef tenderloin, mashrooms, patatoes, butter, milk, olive oil, coffee

Duck breast with pumpkin, baked vegetables and pomegranate pesto sauce
45 RON

Beef tenderloin, mashrooms, patatoes, butter, milk, olive oil, coffee

Fish & Chips
32 RON

Codfish,grean peas , potatoes , pickeled cucumbers , mayo , onions, caperes, parsley , dill, tarragon

Sweet dreams


Moelleuz ou chocolate
16 RON

With elder flower souce ands ampane ice cream: Chocolate, egg, flower, butter, milk, elderflower, sugar, sampane

16 RON

Flour, egg, lemon, orange, vanilla, sweet cheese, cream, jam, sugar

Wild berries pavlova
16 RON

Flower , egg, whipped cream , powdered sugar , butter, wild berries , vanilla ice cream

Home made ice cream
16 RON

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